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Keep It Safe: 16 Storage Solutions for Preserving Your Photos(6/19/15)

From PDN, a variety of sub-petabyte options to house your digital files, including desktop, portable and cloud options .


Photo Archiving: In the Digital Age, Longevity Is No Sure Thing (4/20/15)

For photographers with an archive brimming with slides, contact sheets, negatives and prints, with basic defenses against the corrosive agents of time, those photos have an excellent chance of surviving for a hundred years or more.


High Capacity Storage for Your Photo Archive (4/22/15)

A survey of some high-capacity storage options with interchangeable disks that can serve as a long-term home for your life's work. Buffalo TeraStation, G-Technology, LaCie and others.


Build Your Own Cloud! Hard Drives Get a Second Life (3/4/15)

I’ve finally decided to take some responsibility for my sad storage situation: I built my own cloud. I set up Western Digital ’s My Cloud website and Seagate ’s brand new Personal Cloud.


The Best Way to Back Up Your Computer (3/3/15)

There are two types of hard drives: those about to fail, and those that will fail eventually. Plan accordingly.


Cloud Storage Providers, Comparison Guide (10/25/14)

Today’s cloud storage provides simple file sharing, extends workstation file space, integrates document editing, includes real-time backup and document workflow. These services are cheap, fast, easy to use.


This Week in Photo - the Definitive Guide to Photo Storage (10/10/14)

TWIP explores the world of image backup and archiving. Industry experts Don Komarechka, Topher Martini and Doug Kaye help remove some of the mystery around keeping your precious photos safe.


A New Backup Strategy for Photographers (9/23/14)

Doug Kaye’s blog post thoroughly covers what he is using for backup and what he learned in the process of setting the system up.Synology, Western Digital, Carbon Copy Cloner, RAID and more.


Averting Disaster - A Guide to Computer Backups (5/21/14)

This guide will walk you through saving your data in multiple ways, with the end goal being to have a backup system that is simple, effective, and affordable. From AnandTech.


Wikipedia Comparison_of_Online_Backup_Services (7/25/14)
If you, like most of us, are wondering where to store your valuable photos and files in the cloud, Wikipedia has a fantastic spreadsheet comparing over 60 different serivices. It will help you decide.


Cloud Atlas- Smartest Storage for Digital Photos (4/23/14)

In my hunt for the best cloud photo option, five services stood out: Dropbox, Flickr, Shutterfly, SmugMug and the powerful yet clumsy combination of Google Drive and Google+.


Three seriously secure cloud storage services (3/6/14)
Cloud storage services such as Dropbox, and SugarSync are convenient, efficient—and notoriously insecure. If you want to pr0tect your important files, you can utilize a special, ultra-secure provider such as Wuala or Tresorit, or you can encrypt files yourself before uploading them to larger storage services, such as Dropbox.


Cloud Storage Solutions, Security Now (4/19 & 4/25/12)
My favorite podcast (episodes #349 & #350) discusses popular online storage services, their security, and their price.

Five Best Online File Storage Services (11/23/11)
There are a number of online file storage and syncing servise that will make you data available on multiple computers.

How to Fix (or Kill) Web Data About You (4/13/11)
As more of our lives take place online, we leave behind a growing supply of personal information.


Storing Your Files Inside the Cloud (3/2/11)
A growing number of companies offer cloud-based backup services.


As Computer Capacity Soars, Users Drown in Data (2/11/11)
The fraction of data stored digitally has skyrocketed from 1% in 1986 to 94% in 2007.


Taking Care of your Personal Archives (11/11/10)
Smithsonian Institution Archives experts answered your questions about your own personal archives.


Moving Taped Past to Hard-Drive Future (4/14/10)
It started with a call from Steve Jobs - David Pogue writes about
the pain and inconvenience of changing storage formats.


The Future of Memory (3/18/10)
Gizmodo, the technology blog, has a fascinating series about memory, titled MEMORY FOREVER. .


Protecting Data, Ahead of the Curve (1/13/10)
Network-attached storage, or NAS, may be one of the
best-kept secrets in personal technology.


Choosing Hardware and Image Storage - The DAM Book
This excerpt is a chapter from Peter Krogh's book, a guide for managing
your digital images (and other digital assets) efficiently and effectively.


Portable Hard Drives: A Terabyte in Your Pocket (12/29/09)
The latest portable hard drives have astonishing capacity--and some new features. Here’s what to look for in a miniature storage device.


Solid-State Drives Go Mainstream (8/28/09)
Higher capacities, faster performance, and lower prices are
helping solid-state drives become viable for everyday use.


7 Backup Strategies for Your Data, Multimedia, and System Files (8/25/09)

Here are the most efficient methods of protecting your stuff,
no matter what your situation


1TB SSD Drive Coming Soon, for a Price (8/04/09)

Memory maker OCZ has confirmed it will launch a new 1TB Solid State Drive


You Know About Backups. Now, Do It Online. (10/23/08)

Online backup services are proliferating as users are discovering
that it can cost less than a fancy cup of coffee


Home servers will render CD racks obsolete (7/20/08)

A home server acts as a central storage hub for all the content in the home,
and multiple devices can link to it in order to stream or otherwise
access music, video or other content.


Memories are made of bits  (7/24/08)

A look at the latest options to convert analogue personal content
into digital formats that can be easily accessed, stored and
backed up for safe keeping.


The Best Backup Tools (7/1/08)

It's like exercising. Or flossing. You know you should do it, but you put
it off. Yes, I'm talking about backing up your important documents


Home Networking 101  (5/6/08)
Building a new home network? It doesn't have to be tough,
if you follow our five easy steps.


The Best Online Backup Services  (4/29/08)
If you want near-real time off-site backup, an online
backup service is the way to go.

Determine Your Backup Process (2/8/08)
There are nearly as many ways to back up your business data as there are ways to lose the data and require that backup.

Amazon's MP3 Service a Hit (11/14/07)
I really didn't want to be a criminal, but it was late and I was prepared to risk the wrath of the RIAA for my wife.You see, she needed an unfettered copy of "The Way We Were" in the worst way, and Barbra Streisand just wasn't giving it up.

Online data backup can save music, photos from disaster (10/31/07)
Tech-savvy consumers are looking to online backup services for peace
of mind. For years, these services were either unreliable, hard to use
or very expensive — but that's changed.

Best storage strategies for the multimedia PC (8/26/07)
The way we consume media has created a huge dilemma of how we store all that stuff efficiently AND reliably. If you buy the right gear and you know RAID technology, you won’t need to spend a lot of money and will still get the best solution.

On a Home Network, the Right Drive Means Storage for All (8/2/07)
It is easy to accumulate several hundred gigabytes of data. A few
hundred songs, a couple of vacations’ worth of photos, a dozen movies
and television programs — and suddenly the 80 gigabyte hard drive
in the notebook computer is straining.

Will We Run Out of Storage? (7/28/07)
Is a capacity shortage looming in the near future for enterprise assets?

Disk-Drive Makers Look Outside (PC) Box to Grow (5/16/07)
In a couple of years, 30% to 35% of all drives shipped
won't be devoted to the PC

Buyers' Guide: External Hard Drives (5/16/07)
An external hard drive is the closest thing we have today to a digital attic.

Backup for Small Business (6/5/07)
A good backup system may not only keep you out of trouble,
it might keep you out of jail.

Storage Strategies (5/14/07)
Need more room for your files? Here are your options

Digital Home Media Network (3/27/07)
How to build a gigabit ethernet network for streaming video,
audio and data without spending your life savings.

The Dilemma Over Future Storage Formats (12/7/06)
It is depressing to realize that, even with all the technology
in the world, we still have no truly permanent storage
format for our data, audio and video

Don’t Keep All Your Data in One Stash (9/7/06)
What if something happens to both your PC and your backup?

Big, Safe Data Storage (6/27/06)
If you have a big selection of MP3 files, shoot digital photos, edit your own videos, or are responsible for a small business, you need to know what a Network Attached Storage device (NAS) is.

SanDisk - Picture of success (3/13/06)
CEO Eli Harari invented the use of memory chips
to store digital photos on tiny, removable cards.

The Wired Home (3/12/06)
Networking gear and other technology devices are
making it easier for homeowners to control household
electronics with the touch of a button

Keeping Our Bits About Us (2/27/06)
When it comes to preserving your digital heritage,
backup is only the beginning.

Storing Your Digital Images (2/5/06)
If you value your digital images, you should
have a proper backup system in place.


Lights. Mood. Video. All at the Touch of a Screen (2/2/06)
The promise of a remote control home has
buzzed around consumers' ears for decades


Data, Data, Everywhere (1/9/06)
Megaterabyte databases are getting downright common,
but managing them is anything but routine.

Now the Legalese Rootkit: Sony-BMG's EULA (11/9/05)
If your house gets burgled, you have to delete all your music from your laptop when you get home. And there's more.

SonyBMG Litigation and Rootkit Info (12/9/05)

By including a flawed and overreaching computer program in over 20 million music CDs sold to the public, Sony BMG has created serious security, privacy and consumer protection problems that have damaged music lovers everywhere.


Sony CD woes may have had roots in merger (11/18/05)
Sony to recall all CD's with ill-fated copy protection software.
Sony Music CDs surreptitiously install DRM Trojan horses on PCs , 11/1/05
certain CDs from Sony Music come with a Trojan horse-based digital restrictions management (DRM) technology that surreptitiously installs itself.

What is DjVu?
DjVu (pronounced "déjà vu") is a new image compression technology that allows content developers to scan high-resolution color pages of printed pages, historical or ancient documents, and make them available on the Web.

What is a Petabyte?
A petabyte is a unit of information or computer storage equal to
one quadrillion bytes

DVD FLAMBE (9/29/05)

test matrix designed to prove whether cheapo store-brand DVDs could stand up to their pricier—and supposedly more robust—variants

Digital Preservation (June 2005)
Architecture and Technology for Trusted Digital Repositories. Can we preserve a digital object for at least one-hundred years? Can we answer questions such as "Is this object the digital original"? or "How old is this digital object"? What does it mean to be
a trusted repository of digital materials?

Capturing the Unicorn, the New Yorker (4/11/05)
the Metropolitan Museum of Art digitally photographed the Unicorn tapestries from the Cloisters to preserve a record of the colors and front and back images. a story of adventure and discovery in the world of digital archiving.

Digital Memories, Piling Up, May Prove Fleeting (11/10/04)
The nation's 115 million home computers are brimming over with personal treasures -- millions of photographs, music of every genre, college papers, the great American novel and, of course, mountains of e-mail messages. Yet no one has figured out how to preserve these electronic materials for the next decade, much less for the ages.


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